Playgrounds and Parks

 Groesbeck is at the heart of a vast array of exciting outdoor adventures, historical sites, and family fun.

Playgrounds and parks play a large role in the Groesbeck community.  Parks include Groesbeck City Park located  off Hwy 164-Mart Hwy..  Playground equipment, swimming pool, tennis  courts, softball fields, picnic tables, covered pavilion, volleyball  courts, basketball court, frisbee golf course, walking trails, restrooms  and more.
​Also, near downtown at the corner of Brazos & Waco Streets is the Jack & Euleta Hawkins Park which offers a walking track around the park, picnic tables, a large gazebo, bbq pits, and benches. 



Lake Fort Parker

Lake Fort Parker is  a 750 acre lake situated within Fort Parker State Park.  The park  features large, well equipped barricks for group overnight events, a  covered Pavilion, camp sites, screened shelters, and a recreation hall.   It is the perfect place for hiking, boating, swimming and fishing.   Accessable from Hwy 14 N. towards Mexia.

Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site

​ On  the edge of the Navasota River, memories linger of camaraderie,  laughter and a kinship across a peaceful setting.  This site  commemorates a place where Civil War veterans reunited from 1889 to  1946.  Families camped under the giant bur oaks, enjoying speeches,  concerts, dances, fellowship and food while remembering their fallen  comrades.  Today, it remains a gathering place for living history  events, family reunions and group activities.  The site features an 1893  dance pavilion, a Civil War-era cannon and the Navasota River is nearby  for fishing and paddling.

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Old Fort Parker Historic Site

The  Old Fort Parker site is a reconstructed fort which pays tribute to the  Parker Family and other pioneers who paid a high price to settle in  Texas.  In May, 1836, the Comanche Indians attacked th fort and took  Cynthia Ann Parker, age 9, as a captive.  She was raised with the  Comanche and became the mother of Quanah Parker, the last great Comanche  Chief.  Step back in time and try to recapture the atmosphere of that  fateful spring morning in 1836 as you explore the cabins and climb the  blockhouses of Old Fort Parker.  The fort is typical of forts built in  the eastern US in the 18th & 19th centuries.  The fort has been  rebuilt twice: in 1936 and in 1967.

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 View an excellent short video by TPWD on Fort Parker Lake, Fort Parker Fort and the Confederate Reunion Grounds